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Your Score Matters to Us

We review your report to identify untapped opportunities and gaps to raise your scores. Improving your credit score is our top priority. Using our personalized score assistance, we can translate opportunities into useful advice for practical everyday use.

Our approach to credit repair is ethical and comprehensive, involving you through all the steps along the journey. We do not use the disruption strategies that are popular in the game, but rather focus on our in-house strategies that are more comprehensive and effective. You can read more about the process we use in the How it works section of our website.


How Credit Scores Affect You

By helping thousands of Americans with credit score repair, we have gained enough knowledge and experience to understand how credit scores affect your life. The impact can be negative or positive, and that depends on you. We would love to help you to achieve better scores. Let us address some of the significant ways credit scores can impact your life and finances.


Student Loans

When you hit the maximum federal student loan limit, you will probably turn to private lenders to raise the deficit of tuition fees. The private loaning entities such as banks and credit unions rely on your credit score to determine your eligibility, loan amount, and interest rates. Poor credit scores limit the amount of loan available and only add more dollars to your interest amount.


Refinancing Options

Interest rates are always changing. What was a good deal a few years back may turn expensive with fluctuations in interest rates. Servicing your previous loans through refinancing can save you considerable amounts of money.

Unfortunately, with poor credit scores, your ability to refinance existing loans is only limited or even unavailable.
Your credit score when you got the loan(s) does not matter. Credit scores need to be continuously maintained by good practices. We have observed that many Americans fall into bad practices after getting their student loans or mortgages. When these individuals try to refinance, they are shocked to discover their poor credit scores limit their options.


Positive Outcomes

All credit scores can be redeemed, even the poorest scores. With good credit scores, you can enjoy the other side of the spectrum by getting great deals on loans, mortgages, employment opportunities, and refinancing options. Since good scores accrue lower interest rates and flexible terms, maintaining your score is much easier. Life is much easier for Americans with high credit scores. It is quite unfortunate that high-interest rates affect those with poor scores and only makes it even harder to improve their poor credit scores.

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